Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There's No Litter Boxes in Heaven

From the moment I met you, when I first walked down the stairs, and you gave an uncertain meow, I was enraptured. My family may not have known, but you were my cat. That first night, you went in and slept on my bed. Of course, you got there before I did. And, afraid you would leave if I moved you, I slept up against the wall on one-forth of my little twin bed.

But it didn't matter. Because from then on, you came to sleep with me often. And it felt like I had won the most important prize.

And I'm sitting here in the dark writing to you because I couldn't stop writing this in my head. So I figured it deserved to be shared.

You were the best cat ever. And not because you were the nicest, or the cutest. You were loud, and annoying, and I'll never forget the way you bit my toes. I loved teasing you, and you loved fighting back. Sometimes in the last few years you attacked me because you wanted to play.

From the time I built a cage on wheels made out of knex around you, to the times I chased you all the way under the stairs so I could pick you up, you were my cat.

Even when you got older and didn't play as much, I didn't mind; it meant you couldn't run away as fast anymore. And then I started calling you Muskrat Mindy when you had arthritis and would scuttle around the kitchen with a strange gate.

When I was younger, and we would go on family vacations, we would take you over to Grandma's so she could watch you and you wouldn't be all alone. She'd always say that you avoided her for a couple days, but sure enough, you'd come crawling out from your hidey hole looking for attention. And by the time we came to get you again, both you and Grandma were sad to see the time end.

A couple times Mom asked Grandma if she'd like to keep you permanently. We could all see that Grandma could use some company. But Grandma always poo-pooed the idea and said she didn't want the extra work.

Well, now you're going to get to stay with Grandma for a while. And please don't take it badly when I say I hope it's a while before any of us join you. You two will just have to keep each other company from now on.

But don't worry. I think Grandma won't mind having you for company, cause there's no litter boxes in heaven.